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Hyper Hydration Drink Mix


8 servings per unit

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Hyper Hydration is formulated to pre-load the body with extra water and sodium ahead of really long and hot workouts. Combined with a small amount of sugar, real fruit for flavor, and four times the sodium of our Sport Hydration Drink Mix, it functions as drinkable saline for extreme activities in extreme environments.

• Increases water & sodium reserves: a sodium concentration equivalent to blood (3500 mg of sodium per Liter) to maximize the amount of water your vascular system can hold.

• Preemptively hydrate: extremely high sodium content is designed to “hyper hydrate” immediately before grueling situations when you know you’ll be losing more water and salt in your sweat than you can consume during exercise.

• Sodium citrate for lactic acid buffering & easy absorption: unlike sodium chloride, sodium citrate can buffer lactic acid and is much easier on the gut, making “Hyper” an easy way to supplement more sodium during exercise.

• Palatable & effective: made with natural ingredients, only real fruit for flavor, and just enough sugar to maximize the movement of water into the body.

Available Flavours:

Passion Fruit


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