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We help all level of athletes to grow their athletic abilities

Infinitude means “being infinite and to have no limits”. Infinitude Coaching will give you the opportunity to realise that you CAN do anything. You will never be just another number on a spreadsheet. Joining the Infinitude tribe means you will have a training family for life!

Our Partners

No triathlete or athlete is an island and a lot of work and support goes into getting athletes race ready. Infinitude Coaching is partnering up with some local professionals and brands to make sure our athletes are ready to swim, bike and run.


The most awesome coach, taking personalized training to a different level. Even though I don’t even live in the same country, Louise is always available to me 24/7. This coach listens to me but knows how to get the best results with the training she sets out for me. Pushing me to be my best and always making me better. I have improved from a 6hour 20 min 70.3 finisher to a top 20 age grouper with an hour time improvement. Her knowledge on how to train an athlete always shows in the results her athletes achieve. Her program works!

Sarah Jacobsz

Starting my triathlon obsession I decided to jump into the deep end and set myself a goal completing IRONMAN in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Not having any idea of what I’ve got myself into I invested in a coach. Louise not only encouraged me along the way, she also managed to work around my weak points and my injuries to get me to a point where I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve achieved milestones I never thought possible a year ago. I’ve been included into the training group, our Infinitude Tribe, and fitted in right away. If you’re looking for a coach to motivate you and guide you to achieve your best you can’t go wrong.

My infinitude tribe (as we affectionately call it) experience has been more than just getting a programme and doing the hard work, it it has been the place where I can share the ups and the downs of being an everyday human with a sport passion. Louise is caring and compassionate, and has managed to create a fantastic sense of community among her group of athletes. This lady goes the extra mile for each one of us in every way she can. No question goes unanswered, and she supports us in every way possible – including showing up to every race she can to give technical and emotional support. Programs are always shared on time, and when she says she will send feedback – she sends feedback. I also really appreciate how she takes the time to continuously stay up-to-date with the latest developments and knowledge – and shares that with all of us who train with her.

I’ve been training with coach Jarryd for the last 8 months. In this time Jarryd coached me through a sprint distance triathlon, a standard distance duathlon and a marathon. Jarryd’s holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing has helped to reach some of my lifetime goals (completing a marathon). Coach Jarryd makes to time to get to know you as the athlete, your family dynamic, workload, hobbies and other engagements. He keeps all of these commitments in mind for training schedules and upcoming events. To him it is not about data and results, but rather about you, the athlete. Coach Jarryd’s philosophy and hands-on approach works really well, even though I’m in New Zealand and he’s in South Africa. He’s calmness in all situations, patience, motivation and sense of humour is exactly what I needed to get to the finish line (of both training sessions and events) and what I looked for in a coach. For my marathon Jarryd stayed awake half-way through the night to check on my progress here in New Zealand. He is always available for catch-ups, check-ins and a good ‘old motivation when it is needed. He ‘sweats the small’ stuff and makes each one of his athletes feel supported. I’m extremely thankful for the journey that Jarryd has helped me on. I am glad to have shared some of my bucket-list finishes with him and the Infinitude tribe, and looking forward too many more personal victories with him as my Coach.