Take your coaching to the next level

Powered by your athletes’ data, genetics and TriDot’s predictive analytics & artificial intelligence, TriDot will take your coaching to the next level.

How will TriDot change the way you coach?

As coaches we can only coach on the data and feedback we have from athletes, but as technology and the sport of triathlon evolves, the more data is available to coaches. But with that massive amount of data, coaches are spending more time analysing with less time to really spend time guiding and supporting athletes.

TriDot changes all of that. Through their ground breaking predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, athlete data is instantly processed, giving coaches the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with their athletes.

TriDot is not only for triathlon coaches because it caters for pure run coaches through its sister application RunDot. RunDot can do exactly the same in terms of generating programs that TriDot does, except that it is aimed at the run community.

Still a non-believer? Check out this video clip from GOAT Mark Allen, who is utilising TriDot to coach his athletes.  Michellie Jones, Olympic Silver medalist, forms part of the TriDot Coaching Community. Read her incredible story here. Pro-Triathletes, Tim O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae also recently joined the TriDot Coaching Community, read their story here.

TriDot vs Other Training Platforms

TriDot’s unique capabilities makes it the coaching software of the future.

  • Optimized Triathlon Training® (Patent-pending intelligence engine)
  • TriDot Scores®
  • Environorm®
  • Age and Gender Equilization
  • Physiogenomix™
  • Normalised Training Stress™
  • Training Stress Profile®
  • Game of Gains™ (TriDot Scores, TrainX, XP, Bonusses, Perks)
  • RaceX® (Optimized Race Execution – simulations and optimized pacing)
  • TriDot Coach Community which includes Mentorship and Business Consulting
Read more about these unique features here

What can TriDot do for your coaching business?

By using TriDot as your training software, you will be more efficient with you current athletes  creating more capacity to take new athletes on board. TriDot also offers several non-coached training options for athletes that is linked to your coaching profile as a passive source of income. As your coaching business grows, TriDot will help you to scale your business when referring and mentoring other coaches.

TriDot also offers continuous business consulting and mentorship for coaches as well as a Coach Certification Course.

“TriDot is the best training technology you’ll ever find in coaching. Ever. Anywhere. If you’re not in on it, you’re being left behind.”

-Mark Allen-

If you are ready to make the move or just explore what TriDot can do for your coaching business get in touch with Head Coach Louise Strydom.

Louise Strydom – Market Leader for TriDot, South Africa and TriDot Founding Master Coach

[email protected] or via whatsapp 082 959 6876