Welcome to our Infinitude Store! Here you will be able to buy all your training and racing items.

We are excited to have our new Infinitude Multisport Coaching kit available. From swimming, cycling and running…we have it all with our partner, Rocket Science Sports. Our store will only be open for orders a couple of times throughout the year.

Our current order window is: 19 October 2023 – 1 November 2023

Our kit is imported and import tax is payable depending on the amount of items ordered. To make sure we save costs all around, we send group orders through instead of single items (we can do that if the need arises, but it is quite costly!). Once all orders are placed, you will receive an invoice from Infinitude Coaching before 1 November 2023 listing your items, import tax amount and courier fees (if that is applicable).

And because you are an Infinitude Tribe Member, you can pay your order over two instalments. Orders are custom made by Rocket Science, so please allow 5-6 weeks from final order date to delivery.

Standard courier fees for major cities in South Africa is R110 and smaller cities and towns is R200.

Download the Rocket Science Size guide here

If you want your gear to sit more comfortable and relaxed, rather size up on your order. For a snug, aero fit, keep to your measured size.