Multisport coaching for all level athletes! If you want to either swim, bike or run or do all three, we want to empower and take you to the finish line

Infinitude means “being infinite and to have no limits”. Infinitude Coaching will give you the opportunity to realise that you CAN do anything.

Mission and Vision:
Infinitude is a multisport coaching business aimed at empowering athletes in South Africa and beyond. Many feel that endurance events like triathlons are too hard or will take too much time away from family and work responsibilities. Or they want to attempt one, but have no idea where to begin or they have a fear of open water swimming.

Infinitude wants to give beginner and recreational athletes the opportunity to reach that fitness goal they have always wanted. Our main aim is to grow a global community of athletes that inspire and support each other, not only through their training and at events, but also through the hard and the happy times! So it does not matter where you are in the world, you can train with us!

You will never be just another number on a spreadsheet. Joining the Infinitude tribe means you will have a training family for life!

Infinitude Coaching aimed at all beginner and recreational athletes where ever they are.

All Infinitude’s training packages are available online, so distance is definitely not a limiter for us!


Each athlete is different and because we realise that, athletes get individualised programs with their specific needs, goals and abilities in mind. Programs are data driven so that we can keep track of your fitness and performance, which works really well if you are on the other side of the globe! It is also a way for us to adjust your program so that you can peak at the right time and smash that race or personal best.

Training for an event should compliment your life, not complicate it.