Now more than ever we have the unique opportunity to reach out to people, to show them that anything is possible and that limits only exist in the mind.

Infinitude Ambassadors are athletes with grit and determination. They know what hard work needs to be done to get to the finish line. They love to race, their fellow tribees and even their coaches sometimes. But most importantly, they love their sport!

During your term as an Infinitude Ambassador, we’ll equip you with education and resources to help you promote the Infinitude Multisport Coaching brand in your local athlete community as well as your social media networks. We’ll also be looking to the ambassadors to help us learn how we can enhance and improve our services and serve the triathlon and athlete community even better!

What is in it for you?

  • Bragging rights.
  • Discount on Ambassador Gear.
  • Feature on the Ambassador website page.
  • Rewards like discounts on gear, training camps or even a contribution towards your next race is also up for grabs.


  • Registered Infinitude athlete.
  • Consistently been taking part in forum discussions on social media (not limited to Infinitude related pages).
  • Commented or actively commenting on Infinitude social media posts (more than just a like or copy and paste share. #opinionmatters)
  • Active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., with a sport and fitness related following).
  • Willing to take part in live video recordings, interviews and other marketing campaigns.
  • Attend local events hosted/co-hosted or sponsored by Infinitude Multisport Coaching (Online or in person).
Being an Ambassador requires more than just liking, reposting or re-sharing posts. 
It requires being informed on what is going on in the world of triathlon and being willing and able to share your thoughts and opinions on it. That requires time to read and do some research.